Anytone 578 mobile and 878 handheld VHF/UHF ranging and remote monitor

Anytone ranging and remote monitoring

Among other great functionalities available on Anytone DMR radios, I just recorded how you can initiate a remote monitor and ranging request from one radio to another.

With ranging request, the receiving station is replying with a location. On a successful receive, initiating station either shows you distance/bearing between two radios or GPS coordinates of the second radio. If a receiving radio, that initiated a request, has a GPS lock, distance and bearing will be shown. Without a GPS lock, just a GPS coordinates of a remote radio will be shown. Of course, remote radio needs to have a GPS lock.

With remote monitoring request, after initiating radio sent a request, remote radio will immediately initiate a private call back. Then you can eavesdrop remote location.

I made test on a simplex channel. So far, I was able to successfully make it with this settings on a simplex channel:

  • APRS receive disabled
  • DMR mode simplex
  • M-SMS SMS format
  • Ranging checked

I have also a SMS confirmation checked.

On Anytone 578, there is a DMR MODE setting and as you can see, it is set to Simplex

On a Anytone 878, you can choose it on a radio through menus, and after comparing settings afterwards, it seems that for a DMR MODE simplex you need to check a ‘Through Mode’ on.

For both radios, SMS format most be set on Motorola type M-SMS under Optional Settings.

Also Remote Monitor must be On (if you wish to send remote monitor requests to that radio)

You can set keys (key function) for ranging and for remote monitor.

On a 878 I have PF2 long for a ranging request.

Here is a video demonstration of both