JS8remote for JS8call onAndroid and iOS

js8remote screen

First version of js8remote is uploaded to the Google play store. iOS version is also ready and it needs to be compiled and uploaded to the App store. My old iMac will get some electricity back after a long period of sleeping.

To set it up, in JS8call preferences, set UDP server IP to the IP address of your phone/tablet and under port please use port 2242. You can also use broadcast IP for your subnet or multicast IP Multicast IP is hardcoded at the moment, but soon there will be updates for the app with more things added.

With JS8call set up, power on the app and in case of unicast IP address just wait for the first message from the JS8call. If you are using a multicast, tap on the still red dot in the top right corner to enable multicast mode.

Upon receiving the first message, app will fetch: your callsign, frequency, messages,.. and will keep doing it at some intervals and on some events.

In this version you can:

  • read messages
  • send messages
  • get current location from a location provider of your device and see your Maidenhead grid locator (precision 5) that will on request automatically populate text so that you can just press enter to send your location to the aprs.fi. Of course, you can lower the precision of a grid locator by removing some of the characters, but please delete them in pairs.

In next versions, some planned features are:

  • configuration options
  • aprs messaging
  • sms via aprs message generator
  • email via aprs message generator
  • chat like interface that will use info from grid and activity windows to recompile them
  • gps message feature will also change a little bit

In a process of creating this app I promoted some code to a library. First package from it is a Dart Maidenhead package available on pub.dev and github.com.

Most probably the source code of the whole app will be available on github.