Magnetic loop controller PCB – design by Loftur E. Jónasson – TF3LJ / VE2LJX

Magnetic Loop Controller PCB board

This is a magnetic loop controller board designed by Loftur TF3LJ and VE2LJX. This PCB was designed by 9A1GS (former 9A3GOS) (me) and assembled by two assembly factories. Each factory made 5 boards (minimum order quantity).

There is one via under the stepper driver which could be a little bigger, but I was driving 2 amps to a stepper motor without an issue.

Original design and documentation:

You can upload a compiled hex file to a teensy microcontroller or use Arduino environment to modify it and compile it yourself.

I am in a process of making a magnetic loop antenna with integrated air capacitor. Antenna will be controlled with this loop controller expanding antenna radius/circumference and capacitance in the same time.

You can download all KiCad files, with centroid file and bom